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Lomografia Maj Dear!

What differs a lomographic camera from others ? Basically two things : On one side  a person with an unusual view on reality, ready to use a shutters trigger 24/7 and an objective that bends reality, colors and  a frame on the other.  The fusion effect of all theese elements is a picture beyond not only a photo canon known from digital cameras but also usually differentiating from the object of the photo! This is how Lomography works – it chooses everything that is best in reality, improves and changes colors a bit and adds some overexposures, shadows, exposures and  vignetting. It enhances some things while hiding some… And all that for creating an unique, lyrical and magical view of something that might seem grey and boring , something that can’t be seen because it somehow flees by on everyday basis and store it on a bit old-fashioned film!

Lomografia Maj Dear – what is it about? As spring revels in the streets, why shouldn’t we? And when going on spring rampage, why shouldn’t we catch it on at least 36 frames? What counts is that the city  will look uniquely and colorfuly through the prism of lomographic shutter! Furthermore, our plans don’t end merely on catching the spring – we will help it a bit and improve our city in the spring fashion! Together we will create a small but remarkably colorful exhibition in a place, which normally hides successfully from each season – this is what we all love! One of the underground passages of our city will be presented in the spring colors as a part of exhibition Lomograficzny Mójmaj! There is no time to waste! Grab a camera and get Lomaying!


Isn’t May enjoyable? Grab a camera and prove it! We collect every picture that can be associated with May in the city and love in May – they must have a spring or nearly summer, before-holiday feel, be colorful, no snow, with a quantity of new strenght, potentials and energy. It has to be emotional, your own dear! What we count on? On cre-a-ti-vi-ty! The more May in the picture, the greater chance of winning something. It doesn’t matter if it’s about a flower that grew on a meadow for a known occasion or a picture of three first letters on a mayo jar label taken on a landscape. It has to be lomograpic and surpriesing!

The contest has started on the 2th of April – we accept a series of photos, best from 3 to 6, taken only with analogue lomographic camera! Each serie has to have a catchy name and be described with a few words to let us know what you have had in your minds and what camera and film you have used! The best series will be awarded and alltogether displayed on a Lomowall which will be first presented on 9th of May as a part of Fotofestival. We allso have great news for peopole who put all their creativity and potential into just one picture! You can place it in a serie or send only the single photo – we have prepared prizes for offprint individualists too!

Deadline: 22 April


I prize: http://sklep.lomografia.pl/aparaty-c-1/la-sardina-f-orinoco-ochre-p-11042.html [1]
II prize: http://sklep.lomografia.pl/aparaty-c-1/colorsplash-bialy-p-1693.html [2]
III prize: mix of 10 lomography movies
Grand Prix: http://sklep.lomografia.pl/aparaty-c-1/lomokino-camera-black-p-10484.html [3]

Worshops, Lomowalks

How to shortly describe what Lomography is and how it differs from other kinds of photography? It can’t be done! What can be done is, for instance, to visit Miejski Punkt Kultury Prexer-UŁ and participate in worshops joined by a walk with an adequate camera in ones hands! Especially, we encourage those, who encountered Lomography for the first time or had a slight contact with it but are not sure which camera would be most suitable for them, to attend a meeting with Polska Ambasada Lomograficzna representatives! Who if not them would be better to explain what Lomography is and how to hook up with it? The workshops and walks will be organised in two sessions, first on saturday (12th of May) and second on sunday (13th of May).  Each of them will consist of lectures about and presentations of the cameras and a walk through the city with the chosen device under formerly chosen motive! The sign-up period starts on 23th of April – it doesn’t matter if you have ever had a lomographic camera in your hands, if you are 18 or 80! The sign-up order decides!

Lomowall MyMay!

What is a Lomowall and why do we want it so much? A lomograpic picture is like a spring sparrow – just as one doesn’t preach the Autumn. With lomography is pretty similar – one photo doesn’t present what is it all about! So how to show lomography it its full glamour? You have to take at least 2000 photos and place them one near another to create a pattern! The bigger the pattern is, the better view of a Lomography! The better view of a Lomography, more May in our chosen underground passage! So if you have some lomographic photos which should looks pretty awesome in the passage don’t hasitate and send them to us! All the lomographers unite to create your own dear may!


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