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Jacek Poremba

Curator: Joanna Kinowska

Don’t you dare extract my worn out mien from beneath my dissembling face and form, I all-but command just before, with one friendly smile, he obtains a backstage pass to the core of my being. (…) (Katarzyna Nosowska, a singer and composer, from the preface of the album)

Thirteen is a lucky number, accompanying Jacek Poremba from his birth. A mystical number. Always present and appearing again and again. A friend. Thirteen is the title of the album and the exhibition of the artist – the favourite photographer of the polish artistic bohema. The photographs shown are those best, as well as those top favourite, having artist’s greatest affection. Portraits of musicians, writers and artists, professors and politicians. Besides these, almost private photos of friends and family. Sometimes experiments. Interrupted by subjective landscapes treated as portraits. These pictures actually show the author, who asked about his work, modestly replies, that actually he shoots himself.

Jacek Poremba (b. 1966) has been working as a professional photographer he since 1990. Poremba specializes in fashion, portraits and advertising photography. Cooperates with leading Polish magazines. A special place in his body of work takes musicians photosessions, such as: Kora, Anita Lipnicka, Katarzyna Nosowska, Artur Rojek and Myslovitz, Kayah and Bregovic . He keeps taking pictures of the people from culture, science and politics. In addition to his professional work Poremba develops his personal projects.

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