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Emilio Pemjean


The project is a journey through architectures which are today non-existent but yet recognizable and turned into references and collective myths in painting. The selected architectures are those represented in masterpieces of painting. They have been undressed and recreated, using scaled models, completing and representing spaces partially hidden by the objects used in the painting.
Reviving the room spaces and returning them to their third dimension with the construction of models (with a picture taken later) in a game of transmutation of languages that goes from architecture to painting, sculpture to photography, and finally inviting us to a reinterpretation of these spaces as a symbol. This process of alchemy (a process deeply associated with the purpose of obtaining photographic images), of overwriting is referred to in the title of this series: palimpsest.

The project is complemented with 9 videos (one for each space photographed). They are filmed over 24 hours, with the conditions of its location, the day of San Juan (summer solstice 2013) allowing to measure the changes in the perception of produced spaces along that day.

Emilio Pemjean (1971) is an architect and current professor at the Madrid Architecture School and the Polytechnic University in Madrid. He develops his work using cross disciplines such as architecture, painting, sculpture, video and photography. His projects are a reflection about the time the representation systems and the objects and architectures transformation capacity in symbols through a “manipulated reconstruction”. Ho got 1st prize in Concurso internacional de Fotografía Alliance Française- Pilar Citoler (2012). He exhibited his works mostly in Spain.

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