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Last Holiday

Authors: Nina Hajdorowicz, Monika Kryszczyńska, Kasia Iwańska, Franek Ammer, Maciej Bujko, Igor Pisuk, Joanna Szewczuk, Igor Oleś, Agata Berniak, Magda Kimak, Tomasz Ferenc
Curator: Tomasz Ferenc

Two twin brothers posing in scenery of American landscapes, a family making fire at a campsite, a slightly tipsy uncle kissing an aunt at a name day party – traditional Polish vegetable salad and orange lemonade can be spotted on the table, a grandpa pulling a sled with two grandchildren on it. We can remember such moments ourselves or we have been told stories of them. Each family experiences such or similar moments. They have been captured in pictures contained in each family photo collection. For half a year a group of Łódź film school students searched through their own collections comprising old faded photos, slides and never developed films. The exhibition Last Holiday is a story about commemorative, family and holiday amateur photography.

The project features several dominant topics and motives that amateur photographs love including FAMILY, HOLIDAY, LANDSCAPES, ANIMALS. The time when slides were in common use was the golden age of commemorative photography. Exactly this will be the exhibition’s focus. A slideshow of private photographs coming from family collections of all project participants will tell a fictitious family story.

Festival Centre
Piotrkowska 138/140

opening hours
6.06 (Thu): 6 pm. – 10 pm.
7.06-16.06 (Mon-Sun): 11 am. – 8 pm.
latest entrance: 7.00 pm.

opening: 6.06, 7 p.m.
exhibition is held: 6-16.06