Volker Hinz and his celebrities in Lodz

On May 8 at 8 pm we would like to invite you to private viewing of Volker Hinz’s special exhibition The Legends, which will take place at Art_Inkubator.

Private viewing is part of the formal opening of Art_Inkubator in Łódź, a postindustrial space where, after several years of modernization, an incubator of culture industries was established. It is a space where the world of creativity meets the world of entrepreneurship; it is a platform for both business and artistic ideas. From May 8, 7 pm, for the following 10 days abundance of attractions will await the visitors – Art_Inkubator prepared performances, exhibitions and concerts for art lovers; special workshops for those of you who are eager for knowledge; and, finally, tours of the premises for those of you who are curious to see the factory after refurbishment.

We would also like to recommend the educational part of the opening programme – workshops for representatives of non-governmental organizations and institutions of culture, artists, students, freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. Four days of meetings offer an opportunity to gain new skills which may prove useful in everyday work in cultural and creative sectors. Admission to workshops and lectures is free.