Katarzyna Majak

Women of Power

Curator’s: Agnieszka Żechowska, Krystyna Potocka- Suwalska

The exhibition is a result of a research project. It introduces presentable and unified photographic images of modern witches – those, who know. Their knowledge arises from sense-perception and the contact with nature. Portrayed women represent different streams of pagan spirituality as Animism, Druidism, Celtic Reconstructionism, Slavic Neopaganism and also own spiritual systems. The women of power are shown in representative, ritual costumes with attributes in their hands (feather, shell, shaman’s drum, sickel, occult figures).

Katarzyna Majak – a visual artist. PhD from the Faculty of Multimedia Communication at University of Fine Arts in Poznan. A writer on photography, curator.

Piotrkowska 118

opening hours
Mon-Fri: 2.00 pm-6.00 pm
additionally: 08-09.06 & 14-15.06 (Sat-Sun): 2.00 pm-6.00 pm

opening: 07.06, 7.00 pm
exhibition is held: 08.06-27.06