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Curator: Ewa Ciechanowska

Darkroom is a process of experiencing, with image as its starting point. What we see is not as important as what transpires within us. Using a darkroom as a metaphor, the viewers are presented with a chance to participate in creative processes of young artists – Łódź Film School students and graduates. The ability to cut across borders between forms and media is something all these authors have in common. In contact with individual works, the viewer can actually interact with them; participants can also subject themselves to states experienced by the authors, for darkness triggers a process between what is invisible, hidden, and what wants to be revealed and recognized.
The paths of emotion, designated at the exhibit, are an attempt to illustrate possible relations to space, time, memory and understanding the identity of the Self. It signifies shifting of borders between what’s real and what’s imaginary. While looking at images, revealing themselves and sometimes flashing in darkness, we follow paths from subjective illuminations to intellectual musings on human condition, imprinted in cultural gestures and media networks, as well as musings on the condition of the medium itself, which is a substantial form of artistic communication.
Darkroom is an invitation to challenge our own perception and the understanding of images recorded by various media. Thus it also broadens the definition of a “viewer”, who is presented with a possibility to actively participate in their own, individual image re-construction process.

Franciszek Ammer, Ania Bors, Ola Buczkowska-Przeździk,  Aleksandra Chciuk, Robert Danieluk, Kaja Dobrowolska,  Łukasz Filak, Małgorzta Grygierczyk , Karolina Jabcoń, Irena Kalicka,  Katarzyna Krakowiak, Magdalena Kulak, Monika Masłoń, Agata Opalińska, Katarzyna Parejko, Łukasz Prus – Niewiadomski ,  Filip Gabriel Pudło, Adam Stefaniak, Martyna Strzelczyk, Piotr Szczepanowicz, Kamila Szopa, Bartłomiej Talaga, Dominika Truszczyńska, Tomasz Wysocki, Piotr Zbierski.

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Ewa Ciechanowska – is currently working as a tutor at the Photography Faculty of the Łódź Film School. She specializes in photography and multimedia. She curated exhibitions in Poland and abroad, such as: In the matter in\visible Kolonia, Photokina Meets Academy 2012; Rozłączone obrazy/ Disconnected images, Galeria BWA – Bydgoszcz 2012; Vo veci veci/ W istocie rzeczy, Bratislava Photomonth 2011; Einige sichtbare und unsichtbare Dinge, Polish Institute Gallery, Dusseldorf 2010; Czuła ostrość 2.0 – Łódź City Art Gallery 2009/2010. She was the editor of Niektóre rzeczy widzialne i niewidzialne/ Some Things Visible and Invisible Things (2009), a publication presenting the nature and diversity of artistic approaches of Photography students and graduates at the Łódź Film School.

festival centre
Tymienieckiego 3

opening hours
5.06 (Thu): 7 pm. – 10 pm.
6-15.06 (Mon-Sun): 12 am. – 8 pm.
latest entrance: 7.00 pm.

opening: 5.06, 7 pm.
exhibition is held: 5-15.06