Kacper Kowalski

It is my first non documentary project. I’ve been living at the sea side for my whole life, so beaches are a kind of natural environment for me. And the natural subject of my photography. I like watching how they change over the year. How the sea changes its colour, its sound and temper.  What I like the most, however, is  the relation between people and the beach. Tension is a better word, I guess. For many years I have observed and documented the sunbathers – when they come, what ways they go, where they spread their towels, what they do.  How they look for a space that is free, but not too far from other people. It can actually be pretty close to them. Much closer than you think.  Weaving is the result of the deconstruction and re-creation. Colours and bodies are my fibre. Welcome on my blanket.

Side Effects
“What interest me the most are intersection points of society and nature – says Kowalski – it is where interesting things happen: disorder in harmony, emergence of new forms.” “Side Effects” presents a sky-high journey to the core of the complicated human-nature relationship. Kowalski demonstrates how human race changes the environment and how the nature fights back against this influence. “When flying, I cannot build a relationship with people the way it is in classical photography. I look at forests, fields and lakes. I look at natural catastrophes and I watch people taking rest – what I see is a portrait of civilization.”

Kacper Kowalski – both a pilot and a photographer, he takes unique control over each shot, capturing previously unseen natural environments and ordinarily inaccessible cityscapes. His aerial photographs have received numerous awards, including World Press Photo awards (2009, 2014), Picture of the Year International POYi awards (2012, 2014), NPPA Best of Photojournalism award (2013), and the Sony World Photography Award (2014). He is represented by the Panos Pictures agency for editorials, his fine arts prints are available by Leica Gallery Warsaw.

- World Press Photo 2014 – 2nd prize in nature story – ‘Toxic Beauty’
- Picture Of the Year (71 POYi) – 3nd prize in nature story “the Depth of Winter”
- Sony World Photography Awards – finalist for “the Depth of Winter”
- Best of Photojournalism (NPPA) – 3rd prize – feature single
- Picture Of the Year (69 POYi) – 3nd prize / nature/story (toxic beauty)
- Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2011– shortlisted „Flood from the sky – Sandomierz 2010”
- International Photography Award (IPA) – 2nd proze/architecture,
- World Press Photo 2009 – 2nd prize, Arts and Entertainment – story
- International Photography Awards IPA – 1st prize/category: nature

18-28 September, Photoville, NYC
Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 5 Uplands

19 September, 6:00 pm – artist talk and slideshow „Polish Photography”