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Blow Photo

Dublin 26 May 2015 BLOW Photo, an international contemporary photography platform, is very pleased to announce the launch of its new issue “Monochromes”, which explores photography that is dominated by one colour, including black and white.

Monika Chmielarz, BLOW Photo editor said: “The title of this issue may trigger your imagination and enable you to visualize possibilities that might be unveiled within our enormous pages, and as always, we will tell you the unique narrative we found amongst t hese images: something that did not exist like this before and something that you were perhaps not expecting.”

Issue 12 ‘Monochromes’ cover page Monochrome is very much rooted in the story of photography, from the eginning until the present day. This is what we aim to reflect back to you, the monochrome present. While navigating our way through the story of monochrome, we were particularly captivated by how it has been integrated into contemporary photography now, and how it has changed.

Featured in this issue is a diverse collection of images from all around the world. Thomas Vandenberghe searched for intimacy as a measure against his own life, while Katrin Koenning in her series ‘Glow’ is without agenda and  arrative, but completely engaging as she deals with the rare objects in life that take on a state of glow. BLOW Photo is published three times a year, each issue is numbered and is part of a limited edition print.

The latest issue can be found here: http://blowphoto.com/issues/issue12 [1]
Subscription to BLOW is available here: http://blowphoto.com/issues [2]

BLOW Photo cultivates a visual collection to honour the printed image, to celebrate known international photographers and to shed a light on fresh talent from all over the world. Using large A3 format and high quality printed images, BLOW Photo celebrates photography as an art form and provides lovers of photography with a collector’s item of sorts.

Established in 2010, BLOW Photo has featured the work of some of the photography world’s most renowned names, such as: Roger Ballen, Bruce Gilden, Gregory Crewdson, Erwin Olaf and Sam TaylorWood amongst others.

In 2013 & 2014 BLOW Photo was nominated for best magazine at the Lucie Awards, during their annual event in New York honoring the greatest achievements in photography.

BLOW Photo is available across bookstores and galleries throughout Europe and internationally.

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