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“Hit the Road Jack” 15-19 May 2015

presentation of results and overall meeting 6th June 2015 during FOTOFESTIWAL Final Weekend

Truly international in origin and outreach with teachers from around the world, this intensive 5 day workshop is designed to stimulate and inspire, to get you to look harder at your world and find your own inspiration there. On the last day we want you to leave with greater momentum and new ideas about your personal, future work.

All students are expected to arrive with a portfolio of their work demonstrating a basic working knowledge of the medium. We also ask that you bring the first stages of a project assignment: a personal document about something you feel strongly, desire a more intimate connection with and finally have the need to describe and to show…for yourself and then the world.

During the workshop period we are going to travel along Polish east border and visit many special places in the Suwalszczyzna Region, the city of Białystok and the Podlasie Region. We will be searching together for unique situations and people; as well to as visit places such as the Palace of Pac, Sejny, Krupki, Puńsk, Janów Podlaski and Mieruniszki. We want you to enter into these very special surroundings. To really feel the magical aura of this part of Poland.

Photography for us is a language. The unique potential of this medium is visible in the possibility of finding and communicating universal values thru an encounter between you the photographer and the concrete realities of your time and space. To find what seemed hidden, a secret within a secret. To create a place for the imagination of both artist and viewer. We believe photography can unite your interior energies with the lives of others, and with the places we visit, live and work in. To create something that exists much longer then the moment of exposure.

Our trip starts 16th May at 8 am. The first 2 nights we will work in the Suwalszczyzna Region, the 3rd night in the City of Białystok and last two days in the Podlasie Region.

During the day we will be divided between three cars exploring and gathering the personal, visual materials needed to create your individual projects. During the evenings we will give presentations, lectures, consultations and reviews of your work to inspire and help you build a more critical relation with your own work.

We will advise you not only on your photographic methods, but also about preparing pictures for printing, for publications and practical ways of co-operating with galleries and institutions.

Finally in Lodz, we will work together to collect, review, edit and assemble into final form what you’ve shot, for presentation during the final weekend of the festival, on the 6th of June at the Theatre Hall of Lodz Art Center.

During the workshop time our special guest Bartek Talaga, lecturer of PWSFTviT in Lodz, will lecture on the practical techniques of digital postproduction. He will explain to you everything  you need to know about preparing files for archival printing, exposition and portfolio.


Adam Cohen [1] – New York City born filmmaker and photographer based in Berlin. Working in a territory between film and photography; his films focus on cities and Time, memory and forgetting. His work has been exhibited in many festivals and museums around the world including: the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Oberhausen Short Film Festival, London Film Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona, Rotterdam Film Festival and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Taught Photography/Filmmaking workshops at the International Center of Photography, New York and L’Espace Photo Saint-Cyprien.
Films Broadcast by: Sundance Channel, Public Broadcast Service, USA, WDR Köln, Germany.
Awards: Grand Prix Best Short Documentary +CAMERAIMAGE, Poland. 1st Prize/Best Film Argos Vevey Festival of Photography & Film

Bartłomiej Talaga [2] –  photographer, designer, lecturer and PhD student at PWSFTviT in Lodz. During the workshops he will take care about your knowledge about color management and post-production of the images.

Piotr Zbierski [3]: photographer, traveler, awarded in 2012 the Leica Oscar Barnack Newcomer Award, he shows his work in many places around the world. Recently PhD student on PWSFTviT in Lodz.  His works are in the collection of Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts and Musee de Elisse. He lives and works in Lodz.


The cost of the workshops is 1700 zł and that includes:

  • accommodation together with breakfasts
  • travel costs around locations between – 15-19 May
  • evening presentations, lecturers, consultations and reviews
  • workshops about postproduction of images for presentation and portfolio
  • projection of your project during final panel – 6th June


Number of students: 9-15 to be chosen after reception of their portfolio




Submission details:

We ask that you send your portfolio condensed to 10-20 pictures, together with a short text about your artistic approach in order to know you better.

The submissions should be send to our e-mail address: photospherelodz@gmail.com [4]

Deadline: 7th May 2015

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