Photobook Club

Photobook Club Poland and PBR library:

Consolidation and strengthening of Polish photo book community underlies our collaboration with Fotofestiwal this year. We are here to announce proudly that we are about to venture a first domestic lensbased publications’ library, create a space to share and learn about books as well as make room for creative minds to get to know one another – Photobook Club Poland.

Creating a unique library model to establish both a traditional, stationary collection as well as developing a formula for a mobile library that would travel with our trademark self-publishing workshop was always one of our dreams and goals since we created Paper Beats Rock Foundation. We love books, especially the photographic ones – we love the way they tell stories and carry ideas. There is no way we could ever buy all of them, although we really want to, but when we do buy them we always do it to share them.

With the tenacious support of a creative community we will be able to build a collection of both Polish and international works. Our aim is to promote culture, educate, provide scholars with assistance in research as well as create book exhibitions. The idea is to keep our library as mobile as possible, let it travel with our workshop, so it can reach everyone concerned with a state of an artist book nowadays. The official opening of the Photobook Club and the presentation of the collection will take place during the opening week of Fotofestiwal 2015 on May 28th. Make sure you keep track of the schedule.

Photobook Club Poland will merge all the book launches, meetings and any other publication-related events of this year edition of Fotofestiwal. The collection will be open to visitors for all the duration of the festival. It will be held on the Festival Centre’s mezzanine floor (Tymienieckiego 3).


Visegrad Photobook Forum

Visegrad Photobook Forum is a series of events aimed to strengthen cooperation amongst Central European publishers and artists whose work includes books and publications. Events will consist of presentations of local publishing scenes, independent publishers and art groups working with short run print as well as getting to know each other and developing partnership opportunities. To learn more please visit Visegrad Photobook Forum on our website.

I would like to share my publication during the festival:
We have launched an open call for the publications and you are invited. Further information on submissions: HERE.