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Photography auction

Auction of works by masters of Polish photography is held in the framework of the special – 14th edition of the Fotografia Kolekcjonerska project, which is entitled „VIEWS. Landscape in Polish Photography”.

Fotografia Kolekcjonerska will visit Łódź to show its spring thematic exhibition at the FOTOFESTIWAL for the second year running. Last year, our headline motif was the body in Polish photography. This time we want to reflect on one of the central themes of the FOTOFESTIWAL („HIT THE ROAD: Photographers Travel”) by providing an insight into the diversity of landscape interpretations by leading Polish artists. So we will take you on a journey! Travelling together, we will admire views that leading Polish artists have created for us over more than 100 years. Our journey begins in the early 20th century, when Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy), who was a teenager at the time, photographed the surroundings of Gubałówka Mount in Zakopane. Then we will see the diversity of landscape interpretations by Polish artists.

While some of them focus on nature in an effort to represent its beauty as faithfully as possible, others treat landscape photography as a travel journal and a means of recording the changes they observe when travelling and those related to civilisation.

Some adopt the opposite attitude. Instead of going on distant travels and photographing nature, they direct their attention to their nearest surroundings – the cityscape, as a flexible and continuously evolving environment.

There are also artists who have taken a more philosophical approach to landscape. Others go even further recording spaces created all by themselves.

As in previous years, the works presented at the pre-auction exhibition will be rare prints made by a variety of techniques. The show will give viewers a unique opportunity to see a rich body of works by Polish artists in the same place at the same time.

The list of artists featured include: Ewa Andrzejewska, Stefan Arczyński, Zdzisław Beksiński, Janusz Buczkowski, Jan Bułhak, Michał Cała, Tadeusz Cyprian, Zbigniew Dłubak, Benedykt Jerzy Dorys, Jan Dziaczkowski, Marek Gardulski, Anna Grzelewska, Eugeniusz Haneman, Edward Hartwig, Magda Hueckel, Marcin Jastrzębski, Krzysztof Kamiński, Jerzy Kosiński, Kacper Kowalski, Andrzej Kramarz, Andrzej Lachowicz, Kobas Laksa, Jerzy Lewczyński, Jerzy Łapiński, Bogdan Łopieński, Rafał Milach, Chris Niedenthal, Fortunata Obrąpalska, Paweł Pierściński, Wojciech Plewiński, Henryk Poddębski, Bart Pogoda, Krzysztof Pruszkowski, Grzegorz Przyborek, Tadeusz Rydet, Zofia Rydet, Zygmunt Rytka, Mateusz Sarełło, Bronisław Schlabs, Tomek Sikora, Filip Springer, Ilona Szwarc, Robert Urbański, Tadeusz Wański, Jerzy Wardak, Antoni Wieczorek, Wojtek Wieteska, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy), Stanisław J. Woś, Wiesław Mariusz Zieliński, Ireneusz Zjeżdżałka, Paweł Żak.

Curator: Katarzyna Sagatowska

Curatorial cooperation: Maga Sokalska

Fotografia Kolekcjonerska is the only regular auctioning event dedicated exclusively to photography. Since its first round in 2007, it has offered collectors a diversity of works by leading Polish artists. A key goal of the project is to promote collecting photography in Poland.

The 14th Fotografia Kolekcjonerska event will be staged in two cities. The opening and pre-auction exhibition will be held in Warsaw, in the Leica Gallery Warszawa, at Mysia Street 3. Next, it will be moved to the venue of the FOTOFESTIWAL International Festival of Photography in Łódź, where the auction will be held on the 30th May at 5 p.m.

Exhibition catalogue HERE [1].

More info:
fotografiakolekcjonerska.pl [2] and artinfo.pl [3]

Magdalena Gorlas:
gorlas.magdalena@gmail.com [4] + 48 502 655 922
Katarzyna Sagatowska:
agatowska@fotografiakolekcjonerska.pl [5] +48 516 106 073

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FOTOFESTIWAL Międzynarodowy Festiwal Fotografii w Łodzi, Leica Gallery Warszawa, MYSIA 3

Tymienieckiego 3

Opening hours
28.05-7.06 (pt-nd): 12.00-20.00

Opening: 28.05, 6 p.m.
open: 28.05-7.06

Auction: 30.05, 5 p.m. theater hall

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