Fotofestiwal is already 14 years old. And it’s growing up as a teenager. There are more and more new exhibitions and events organized while the key points on our agenda keep the momentum going. There is one thing that did not change – the noteworthy photographers and the diversity of exhibitions from around the world. We open up in Łódź on the 28th of May and keep watching, celebrating, listening and discussing until the 7th of June.

There will be 18 exhibitions opened in the ART_INCUBATOR festival center. Ten of them present the projects of the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2015 finalists, the works winning awards worldwide such as Mateusz Sarełło’s “Swell”; Anna Grzelewska’s “Julia wannabe” – the project on growing up her daughter; the dark, lynchian Cyrill Costilhe’s project on Diego Suarez in Madagascar; the colorful and creational Patrick Willocqa’s project on the tribal rituals in the Republic of the Congo and the Sarker Protick’s reportage on the Dhallywood film sets.

Young, noteworthy artists will be presented in the new in the line-up program called DISCOVERY SHOW. This year, it will include the Mario Macilau’s huge exhibition. This almost thirty-year-old Mozambican showed his works on almost every continent and Roger Ballen – a master of photography, wrote prologues to his publications. “Views. The Landscape in the Polish Photography” is the exhibition which will be concluded with the Collector’s Photography auction. Its title refers to another new event, that is two-day series of meetings and discussions about travel photography. HIT THE ROAD. Photofrapher travel cycle arranged by Alison Nordstrom (Artistic Director of Fotofestiwal) will host such panelists as: Simon Norfolk (UK), Carl de Keyzer  (BE), Christopher Rauschenberg (US), W.M. Hunt (US), Celina Lunsford (DE)  and Christina Capetillo (DK).

In addition, there will be some more photo presentations placed in the Festival Centres, as follows: the exhibition summarizing the 25 years of photography of “Twój Styl” magazine; the group exhibition of the photography students of Łódź Film School and the projects of Martin Kollar and Alejandro Cegarra – the winners of the “Leica Oscar Barnack Award”. We are allowed to visit all of them thanks to Leica Gallery in Warsaw.

The special exhibitions and the accompanying ones organized by several Łódź-based galleries constitute Fotofestiwal as well. The photographs of Carl de Keyzer – a member of a legendary Magnum agency, will be presented in Atlas Sztuki; whereas the three projects of the Italian communications research centre “FABRICA” together with the exhibition of the English photographer Dougie Wallace will be hosted by the second artistic center – OFF Piotrkowska. Moreover, during the Festival you can see 10 exhibitions of students of Filmschool in Łódź in a greal project Filmschool Imaginarium.

And it is just the beginning of what is going to happen. We have already opened the recruitment for the workshop, announced the ‘Photographic Publication of the Year’ contest and the portfolio review run by over 30 experts from all over the world!

You have to be with us! Hope to see you in Łódź!