The great opening of Fotofestiwal
27 May 2015

The opening of Fotofestiwal is tomorrow! Can you believe it? We still can’t…

We are sure you know Fotofestiwal timetable even better than we do – but let’s sum up:

Tomorrow we all meet at 6.00 pm. in Art_Inkubator, Tymienieckiego 3, fot the festival opening. There, you can see a lot of exhibitions, starting with Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2015 (including the awards ceremony!). Remember about our special exhibition: DISCOVERY SHOW with amazing photos of Mario Macilau (you already know some of his works from this year’s visual identification). You can also take a look at pre-auction exhibition “Views. Landscape in Polish Photography” – imagine those photos on your house’s walls! But it’s not all – you have to check in the progremme.

Except for the openings in Art_Inkubator, it is worth going to the Filmschool in Lodz at 5.00 and to andel’s Hotel at 8.30 pm. In the hotel, you can see the exhibition “Debuts edition 2015” in a beautiful scenery of modern, industrial space.

How about next days?

On Friday, our day plan starts with a passionate lecture of amazing Radu Stern at 11.00 am. At 12.30 pm, during awards ceremony, we will know the winner of the Photographic Publication of the Year 2015. We will also have a moment to ponder today’s image-communication, during a presentation “If you’re not on Instagram, you don’t exist”.

Also on Friday we open our second festival centre – OFF Piotrkowska. Photographers will have an opportunity to confront their work with famous professionals on PORT-OFF-FOLIO Review. All of us can meet Dougie Wallace on book signing, you can also see his ehxibition “Wild life” there. But it’s just a beginning: we wait for you on satelite exhibions’ openings, slide show and afterparty.

During the first festival weekend, remember about our special HIT THE ROAD project: presentations in words and pictures, prepared by Fotofestival’s Art Director, Alison Nordstrom. What more,on Saturday at 5.00 pm, we start our photography auction – get ready to that!

Beside those, don’t forget about satelite exhibitions, meetings, workshops, afterparties… Spend all four days with us – watching exhibitions, eating delicious food from food trucks, drinking Bombilla and celebrating the Feast of Photography in Lodz!