Canonne Xavier

Art historian at the Liberal University in Brussels (U.L.B.). Doctor of Art History and Archeology at the Sorbonne (Paris I) with a thesis devoted to Surrealism in Belgium (1950-1993). Publisher of Marées de la Nuit since 1986 specialized in surrealism and avant-garde. Author of many works and essays about Art History. Managed the collection of the Province de Hainaut from 1987 to 2000. Presided over the advisory Commission of Plastic Arts of the French Community from 1987 to 2002. Lecturer in Art History at the High School of Plastic and Visual Arts in Mons. Has been managing the Photography Museum of the French Community in Charleroi since March 2000 after Georges Vercheval who was the founder. Commissioner of the Sao Paulo Biennial (Brazil) for the French Community where the photographs Christine Felten and Véronique Massinger were presented. Author of the book Surrealism in Belgium 1924-2000 published by the Mercator Fund in Brussels in November 2006 (Fr-D-E). Commissioner of the exhibition Surrealism in Belgium in the Fine Arts Museum in Mons-BAM (March-April 2007). Author of Requiem pour un homme seul. Le Samouraï de Jean-Pierre Melville (2010) devoted to the french film-maker Jean-Pierre Melville. Author of Marcel Mariën, Le passager clandestin (2013) devoted to the Belgian surrealist Mariën.