Photo­-Rapide Polska

Photo­Rapide Polska
François Deschamps

Photo­Rapide is a collaborative photographic portrait project that Deschamps has undertaken in many geographical areas of the world including Mali asshown in Fotofestiwal this summer. For Photo­Rapide Polska Deschamps will give a free framed portrait producedon the spot with a small digital printer in Lodz during Fotofestiwal. The subjectswill select a frame, made by Deschamps, based on Polish, American, or internationalcultural themes. The work in this project will result in several differentforms: the original portraits, the framed portraits given to the subjects and theimages of people holding their portraits.

June 12, 2016, 3.00 PM Art_Inkubator (Passage), Tymienieckiego 3Street, free entrance