Road Trips is the main theme exhibition of Fotofestiwal showcases the work of 11 artists who have used their travels and their cameras to understand cultures not their own and to comment on the role of photography in doing so. Ranging from documentary to folk art to constructed images and embracing both the historical and the contemporary, these outstanding artists offer all of us who travel and look at the world, some insight into what they have learned on their journeys. Because the majority of travel photography is a straight if aestheticized record of what was seen, we have sought to present alternative approaches, that not only describe places seen but express what we imagine and remember. Two installations explore and re-interpret historical photographs of travel, while another considers the role of the Internet in creating an international vocabulary of travel icons.

Rita Leistner

Joseph Tamargo 

Kadir van Lohuizen,

Theo Baart and Cary Markerink

Françoise and Daniel Cartier

Friso Spoelstra

Corinne Vionnet 

Francois Deschamps 

Qian Zhao