This year, the workshop topics include: working in a darkroom and wet collodion technique. The workshops are divided by age groups, advancement level and topics. All sessions are hosted by professionals from such organisations as Warsaw School of Photography, Empresse, Arctic Paper, Impossible Project or OKO studio. For photographers, it is an opportunity to go through the topics of portfolio printing or compiling their own albums. Masterclass workshop on psychological portrait will be hosted by Marian Schmidt. Activities for children, mothers and inter-generational meetings will be held as well.

Workshops are held in Polish language.

- “Common histories. Inter-generational workshops or how to take care of old photographs?” – Julia Odnous (Archaeology of Photography)
- “Heliography” – Agnieszka Furtak
- “Painting with light. Night time photography workshops for children and parents” – Agnieszka Furtak
- “Through mother’s photo lens” – Olga Nakielska
- “Camera Obscura” (Milena Kranik and Aleksandra Frankowska) – OKO Studio
- “Scrapbooking” (Monika Sołdon and Milena Kranik) – OKO Studio

- “Photographer’s portfolio: artist’s vision executed in print” – Marcin Dąbrowski (Empresse)
- “Photography in mind and in print. Doing it better than usual” – Marcin Dąbrowski (Empresse)
- “Graphic design, paper and print – three dimensions of publication” – Arctic Paper & Empresse
- “8×10 Rafał Masłow” – Impossible Workshops
- “MASTERCLASS: Expressive photography and psychological portrait” – Marian Schmidt (Warsaw School of Photography)
- “Fashion and portrait” – Maciej Szal (Warsaw School of Photography)
- “High-end techniques. Wet collodion portrait” – Łukasz Pietuchowski (Warsaw School of Photography)
- “Print-out and framing workshops” – Jerzy Koba (Profesjonalni Oprawcy/Professional Framers)