The night of open ateliers

Detailed information about every atelier you can find in the OFF Piotrkowska section.

On the 8th and 15th of June, between 8 pm. and 00:00 Fotofestiwal invites to take part in The Night of Open Ateliers. Fashion designers, artists, architects, a cafes that hosts cultural events and restaurants from OFF Piotrkowska will be open for everyone. Every atelier prepared some attractions for these two special nights. And afterwards, we invite you for the party in the DOM club.

This list of every atelier that participate in the happening:

+concept | moda + design + event
Centrala Showroom / Neogotik / Animal Kingdom
Charla Wood Photography
Klub Dom
Ejsmont Pracownia Architektoniczna
eMM design
Indygo Pracownia Ceramiki
Kondrat Wina Wybrane
KUOO Architecs Katarzyna Kuo / TAMIZO Architecs Mateusz Stolarski / Minimalliving
Ładne Halo
Pan Tu Nie Stał
Pracownia OKO
Spaleni Słońcem
Tari Bari Bistro
Tkalnia Obrazu
Mebloteka „Yellow”