OFF Piotrkowska

The majority of events and exhibitions of this year’s Fotofestiwal will be held at the new festival centre OFF Piotrkowska, in the very heart of industrial Lodz. OFF Piotrkowska is a unique venue located on the premises of a former factory and a continuously developing centre for alternative culture which hosts creative businesses and arts including the trendiest bars, restaurants and design studios . This is Łódź in a nutshell, comprising the best the city has to offer, all in one place. During the festival, OFF Piotrkowska will serve as the place to talk, meet up with others, relax or have discussions on various topics.

See what OFF Piotrkowska offers for guests of Fotofestiwal:

+concept | moda + design + event
Centrala Showroom / Neogotik / Animal Kingdom
Charla Wood Photography
Klub Dom
Drukarnia Skład Wina & Chleba
Ejsmont Pracownia Architektoniczna
eMM design
KONDRAT Wina Wybrane
Kuoo Architects Katarzyna Kuo / Tamizo Architects Mateusz Stolarski / Minimalliving
Ładne Halo
Pan Tu Nie Stał
Pracownia OKO
Spaleni Słońcem
Tari Bari Bistro
Tkalnia Obrazu
Mebloteka „Yellow”