Circulation(s) Festival

Fetart proudly presents the second edition of the Circulation(s) Festival. Through a large panel of the new European creatives, this edition shows a scope of very different currents. Priority has been given to a new generation of photographers that are approaching image with a certain distance. The Circulation(s) Festival presents young artists. Most of them are selected by the jury of specialist from photo festivals and institutions, such as: Encontros da Imagem from Braga, In Focus from Vilnus or Fotofestiwal from Lodz.

AYESTA Carlos / BRESSION Guillaume, AZUSILIS Mindaugas, BLANC Isabelle, BROD Nolwenn, BROSSARD Olivier, CALBAYRAC Jean-Jacques, CARP Sarah, CURTZ Joel, DAVID DE LOSSY Julie et DELFOSSE Colin, DE MIDDEL Cristina, DE RUVO Federica, DE VILLE D’AVRAY Baptiste, DEDRY Maxence, DENZLER Morgane, EPNERE Ieva, GATINOIS Delphine, GRUEL Marie, GUIGUI Stan, HAHN Miguel et HARTUNG Jan-Christoph, HERBRICH Thomas, KIESEWETTER Isabel, KOE Sabine, KRAUTH Moritz, LAVERGNE Olivia, LEDURE Elodie, MACHU Laureen, MARTIN Thomas, MICHAUD Françoise, NORONKOSKI Juuso, PETREMANT Philippe, PICHLER Klaus, PLESHKOVA Maria, POZZOLI Susanna, QUEAU Marie, REBETEZ Virginie, RECORDON Manon, SECHER Dominique, SEIFFERT Daniel, VANNICOLA Valentina, VASILEV Vladimir, VERMEIL Valentine, VEY Chantal, VOLZ  Sandy, WILLOCQ Patrick

14.06 FRIDAY, 11 pm.
Niebostan, Piotrkowska 17