Artur Chrzanowski


“Amateur”» synonyms: admirer, enthusiast, amateur, aficionado
“Everyone is an artist” is one of the slogans of this year’s Fotofestiwal. However, is a home-grown enthusiast and admirer of photography, based on her ignorance alone, able to create a work of art in an unprofessional and dilettante manner? What should be the characteristic of such a work of art? What, in general, does it mean “to be an artist” in the modern world? The presented photograph is a record of the process of creation observed in every-day life. The tool is the commonly available digital camera. The presentation site: a gallery at the Academy of Fine Arts, a university with the mission of provision of artistic education to the society. So, let’s do it!

Wojska Polskiego 121

opening hours
pn-nd: 8 am. – 8 pm.

opening: 24.05, godz. 12.00
exhibition is held: 24.05-17.07