Nights with Fotofestiwal

During Fotofestiwal there will be no time for sleeping! The evenings throughout the festival will be filled with attractions. Are you ready?

Foremostly you are invited to the old postindustrial yards where at nights you will be able to see the slide shows of the world’s best know photos accompanied by amazing music! Apart from the most important set of the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2013, you will also enjoy the photos from Portugal, Denmark and many other countries.

The Night of Open Ateliers is a great opportunity to visit the studios, cefeterias and restaurants in OFF Piotrkowska, and to enjoy all the attractions we prepared especially for our guests. Check the programme of The Night of Open Ateliers.

We will be having great time while great music will be played in the background! All the events begin on Thursday (June 6) with the concert of Plastic in Club Wytwórnia. Other musical gems you will be able to hear include: Kwadratowi, DJ’s Kuki Monstah, Jerem, Dr Kars. During the closing event of the Photofestiwal we will hear Ssao Paulo Tropicana! which is an Electric Eel, MC Persona Grata, Tsar Poloz and 8rolek!

Another idea for each … throughout the festival is a total chill-out. From 7 pm we will be lounging in deckchairs in OFF Piotrkowska.