Normalizm #3

31.05, 3:30 pm – Book launch at Photobook Club Poland
5.06, 5:00 pm – Promotional event for the 3rd issue of Normalizm periodical

Normalizm is a periodical art book publication realised around the ideas of Boring Photography collective. Normalizm 3 is bound together by the phrase ‘Looking through the eyes of loss”, as a mean of expression it uses the aesthetic of everyday and vernacular record. Each of the Normalizm publications attempts to explain the motto idea through photographic image – 9 separate statements looking at the world through normal and mundane, but never insignificant. Boring photography has a lot to do with New Topographics and subjective document however in its core looks at the metaprocess of taking photographs – going back to the normal state aster a unusual encounter.

Normalizm is being published irregularly since 2010. The first issue was launched in the London College of Communication. The second was nominee for Fotograficzna Publikacja Roku 2013. The third issue is edited by Jan Rogalo and Pawel Starzec. The book is designed by Martyna Wyrzykowska.