Filmschool Imaginarium

A series of exhibitions of Łódź Film School’s students and graduates.

Once again we will take you on the colorful journey through images, thoughts and ideas. “Imaginarium” is undefined because of their inconsistent structure. Some of them will be accepted, the others not. Our Imaginarium is to show some simple contradictions, for example: body and mind, spirituality and corporality, the sacred and the profane, subject and object. This collection however will not determine which of the images are either real or imaginary.

The main exhibition- FLOW, is a reflection on the permanent change, our approach and the way we register and perceive it.  A history of going ahead presented with great sensitivity and the ability to observe. What does it mean to be on the road? What the travel is? First of all, it is a state of being somewhere in between – a state of leaving something to pursue something else and suddenly realizing what was the reason to do so. It is also the experience of encountering your new self.  Encountering the new and the unknown.

Among the exhibited works we will see: Igor Pisuk’s cycle ‘Deceitful Reverence’. This is the story of the loneliness and emigration, a very personal one, rooted in the complicated relation between a new world the author encountered and his inner one.  The Martyna Strzelczyk’s installation of photographs, drawings and videos entitled “Kiedy sny stają się rzeczywistością” (‘When dreams become reality’) is a reflection on another encounter with the unknown.  The author shows us real, family histories of interfusion of the two states and the attempt to comprehend this process.  Kamila Szopa in her work “ono-ono” (‘it-it’) over and over again sets out, even if she does not know what the travel brings.   Her self-portraits series make the record of the immersion in the process, total surrendering to some action which carries her to encounter the unknown.  For Kuba Rubaj, the author of the project ‘Rainbow/The Road‘, being on the road means something natural.

Justyna Bugajczyk’s “Helotyzm” (‘Helotism’) in Galeria Wschodnia is about entering in the personal story and space of a man the author rent a room from. We live in a culture where we can judge somebody easily looking at the objects he or she possesses.  Is a reverse process possible? This work created with the help of various media is, on the one hand, like a documentation, and on the other, as the entering somebody’s life – a life marked by death. It is like a little archive of objects – beings, which exist and do not exist at the same time.

Agata Opalińska and Martyna Strzelczyk’s ‘From Star to Atom‘ in Stare Kino Hotel shows their fascination with the outer space which is “unexplored by the humans yet. Many theories, more or less plausible, have described it; however, when we are so small, what are we supposed to believe in?  Does the alternative version of reality really exist anywhere?” they ask.

Wojtek Wieteska in ‘Nailing love‘ (Szklarnia Szkoły Filmowej) uses photography, motion picture and some objects. He considers the interactions among them. In terms of the selection of works and their installation, he is interested in the issue of originality and copying, permanency and destruction. He wanders along the edges of photography and finds new combinations there.

The large format work “Pomieszanie” (‘Confucion’) of Andrzej Różycki (5,5×7 m) at the building of (“Nowe Media Szkoły Filmowej”) Film School New Media is the visual impression (with the use of photographic plate) about what photography is today and its future scopes.

Marlena Jabłońska’s ‘Rewind‘ in Galeria Opus is about the return to her family home, the memories related to this event and the author’s reflections on how it has influenced her personality. Photos in methaphorical way present the parent’s influence on their child, the way a child considers their home as a completely new reality.

Tomasz Wysocki in ‘Exodus 2064‘ in Galeria Remedium imagines his vision of future and tells the stories of its prisoners. World is supposed to become the illusion of harmony and paradise. A model of perfection. It is 2064… In every system there are some weak points which some people are ready to benefit from. They are hypnotized and cannot break free.

Authors: Maciek Butkowski, Małgorzata Grygierczyk, Artur Gutowski, Karolina Jabcoń, Adrian Jaszczak, Klaudia Kaczmarczyk, Julia Kapuścińska, Kuba Rubaj, Sonia Orlewicz–Zakrzewska, Gabriel Orłowski, Igor Pisuk, Kamila Szopa, Katarzyna Sosnowska, Martyna Strzelczyk, Sonia Szóstak, Maciej Świstek, Piotr Trojanowski, Jan Wajszczuk, Jan Wąż, Tomasz Wysocki, Piotr Zbierski

Curator: Ewa Ciechanowska