The exhibition of photography students and graduates from Lodz Film School.

This year’s Festival’s theme was the starting point for the FLOW exhibition.

What does it mean to be on the road? What the travel is? First of all, it is a state of being somewhere in between – a state of leaving something to pursue something else and suddenly realizing what the reason to do so was. It is also the experience of encountering your new self. Encountering the new and the unknown. The FLOW exhibition is the reflection on the permanent change, our approach and the way we register and perceive it. A history of going ahead presented with great sensitivity and the ability to observe.

Among the exhibited works we will see: Igor Pisuk’s cycle ‘Deceitful Reverence‘, recently nominated to Leica Barnack Award. This is the story of the loneliness and emigration, a very personal one, rooted in the complicated relation between a new world the author encountered and his inner one. The Martyna Strzelczyk’s installation of photographs, drawings and videos entitled “Kiedy sny stają się rzeczywistością” (‘When dreams become reality’) is a reflection on another encounter with the unknown. The author shows us real, family histories of interfusion of the two states and the attempt to comprehend this process. Kamila Szopa in her work “ono-ono” (‘it-it’) over and over again sets out, even if she does not know what the travel brings. Her self- portraits series make the record of the immersion in the process, total surrendering to some action which carries her to encounter the unknown. For Kuba Rubaj, the author of the project ‘Rainbow/The Road‘, being on the road means something natural. ‘The road may bring the truth out of the human-being, release extreme emotions and be full of beauty. It exposes us to experience life. Gives us a sensation of living life to the fullest. (…) Over those years I realized that the travel takes place on many levels, those internal ones as well. I learned that it is not only about the photography because it is the indispensable part of a travel. Taking pictures is a result rather than a reason for my journeys. Although they make some story, the end of a journey is still distant, if possible at all’.

This is only one of many paths we can choose during this exhibition. Feel invited.

Ewa Ciechanowska
The curator of the FLOW exhibition

Authors: Maciek Butkowski, Małgorzata Grygierczyk, Artur Gutowski, Karolina Jabcoń, Adrian Jaszczak, Klaudia Kaczmarczyk, Julia Kapuścińska, Kuba Rubaj, Sonia Orlewicz–Zakrzewska, Gabriel Orłowski, Igor Pisuk, Kamila Szopa, Katarzyna Sosnowska, Martyna Strzelczyk, Sonia Szóstak, Maciej Świstek, Piotr Trojanowski, Jan Wajszczuk, Jan Wąż, Tomasz Wysocki, Piotr Zbierski