Justyna Bugajczyk, “Helotyzm”

“The apartment I rented for a year in one of the tenement houses in Łódź was the inspiration for my project. When I moved in, there were plenty of objects, very intimate ones (clothes, shoes, razors, notes, vacation slides). Living in a dead man’s apartment, using their furniture, eating on their plates we enter the space where we can easily feel their presence even if they are not there physically.  We live in a culture where we can judge somebody immediately looking at the objects he or she possesses. Is a reverse process possible?  This work created with the help of various media is, on the one hand, like a documentation, and on the other, like entering somebody’s life – a life marked by death.  It is like a little archive of objects – beings, which at the same time is and is not a memoir of a person hidden in L.N. initials. This is rather an archive which is to stimulate memories using our memory scraps, emotions and experience. The nature of documenting becomes a natural fabric of the artistic gesture here. The collection of everyday objects seems to be revived; it is also like listening to a story (or more like overhearing somebody else’s talk) and  like the interaction with “orphaned” objects – the signs of somebody  else’s existence, its banality and mystery. It feels like something in between the voyeurism and unpleasant feeling of disgust. Entering somebody else’s space violates also traditional gender boundaries and seems troublesome. The questions arise: What do we take over when we enter in somebody else’s space?

Do his or her forgotten objects come back to them while reused even if their owner is not there?

Do the beings, having crushed into each other in time and space, mix in this new situation?”