VOL II. – 1939 – 1969

The book consists of 2 pieces of book, alphabetically devided from A-I and I-U with around 800 pages, up to 400 illustrations altogether, 36 individual chapter, historical data, biographies of photographers, literature, indexes…

First volume of the book covering 1900 – 1938 was released in 2010 and is also available.

The book is now on sale and we believe that all institutions anyhow involved in photography and arts could appreciate to have this book in the library available as an educational tool for the workers, pedagogues, curators, students and photographers or artists in general.

The price of the book is 99 € + shipping (Europe 23 €, world 50 €).

The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that we are so far the only country undertaking the task of rewriting the photographic history, and to bring the most current knowledge in this area, as well as the opposite view on the history, which was mediated by long-term observation of the large countries that ignore small countries such as Slovakia. “Our” history brings a new perspective on European culture, which is, in our opinion a dialogue among all 35 European photographic cultures.