Agata Opalińska, Martyna Strzelczyk, “From star to atom”

The story of the road – the pursuit of one’s own place in the universe and the answer to the question who we are…

The universe is a place that can be compared to a well which we can continuously draw water from.
We are fascinated by outer space unexplored by the humans yet. Many theories, more or less plausible, have described it; however, when we are so small, what are we supposed to believe in? Does the alternative version of reality really exist anywhere?

We are on the same track; nevertheless each of us looks for something different in that universe:

 Martyna Strzelczyk

‘For me, the universe is something undiscovered just like the sea bottom. The absolute. If universe is believed to be the huge hologram, what are we then? A grain of sand? A microscopic molecule? A part of a hologram? Who projects this hologram?

Each of these pseudo theories is Me! The cosmological hadron collider is Me!

I’m the illustrative trouper. I transform and distort – I tell the story of the internal abstract expression with my image.’

 Agata Opalińska

‘Both the theories and the fact that the outer space is so incredible inspire me. By combining the cosmological theories I create my own ones. They are aimed at pursuing the alternative reality, a parallel world where life probably is happier. I try to create images – the stories exposing the feeling of lack, abandonment, mystery and incredibility.’


What we’ve got in common is the way we look for our own place in the universe.

Our work is dedicated to those who explore the universe and devote their whole lives to examine all those presumptions and theories even if nothing is sure in that matter; the truth is that the world of fantasy begins where the classic laws of physics are no longer possible to apply.

 “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”
John 8:32