Wojciech Wieteska, “Nailing love”

“Essayer de résoudre toutes les questions qui sont demeurées en suspens”.
(“Spróbować rozstrzygnąć wszystkie pytania, które pozostały w zawieszeniu”)
Patrick Modiano: Quartier perdu, Éditions Gallimard, 1984.

“Calamitosus est animus futuri anxius”.
(«Nieszczęśliwa jest dusza pełna trosk o przyszłość»)
Seneca: Epistolae Ad Lucilium (XVIII).

Today photography has reached its apogee when it comes to the variety of its functions mastered since 1827. The human eye and the camera lens have interfused so they became to be transparent to each other. Because of that reality seems not to be attractive anymore.

In this broken perspective with no “point de fuite” we feel both hem and free to express whatever we want at the same time. This states take various forms, they complement, exclude, unite and conflict with one another.

Is it so?

May it be that temporality is the immanent characteristic of photography and a dialogue with it – a permanent state?

I look at reality around me through the reflections of emotions and memories of

places, events I experienced and people I got to know and through selected individual pieces of art and their impact on what is important for me here and now.

I use photography, the motion picture and some objects in my work. I consider their interactions: are they able to express the idea of their common title (The title referring to the nail polish color palette!)?

When it comes to the selection and installation of works, I am interested in the question of the meaning, uniqueness, copying, durability and fragility.

Are concepts and words photogenic?

What drives me? What do I find?

What inspires me? What is factual or “objet trouvé” ready to be preserved thanks to photography?

Wandering on the edges of photography and finding some new connections (in form of life or its reflection) seems to be the most interesting for me now.

These threads make the base for this exhibition and the project (which seems unfinished to me); periods mix here out of their hierarchy while their connections seem unlimited.

Warsaw, 11.01.2015
Wojtek Wieteska

Wojtek Wieteska works as a photographer since 1986. He was living and working in Berlin, Paris, New York and Tokyo, now he lives in Warsaw. He is a professor at Łódź Film School. His visits in: Australia, South America, North America, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe, Japan and USA were the inspirations for his individual projects such as: “36 x Paryż” (“36 x Paris”)”Rzeczywistość” (“Reality”), “Far West”, “Tokyo”, “N.Y.C.#02”, “Still life”, “Flights 91_08”.

“Stacja Warszawa” (“Warsaw Station”), “Protest 2007″ and a big exhibition “Jestem z Polski” (“I am from Poland”) are rooted in his polish social and private life. You can find Wojtek Wieteska’s photography in several both public and private collections in: Poland, France, Japan, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and United States. His photos have been published in: Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Pozytyw, Twój Styl, Elle, Voyage, Przekrój, Zwierciadło, Pani, Junge Kunst and Wysokie obcasy. He works on both artistic and commercial projects.