Karsten Kronas, “Searching for Mr.X”

“My submited work for the Fotofestiwal 2015, Searching for Mr.X, is a combination of two series.

One series, “Galaxy : IMEI 359021044512815″ are the camera uploads from my stolen mobile phone. They got uploaded on my dropbox by Mr. X.

The second series is the documentary about the search for Mr. X in Tel Aviv, the new owner of my stolen phone. The photos in the PDF with the title “Galaxy#” are a selection from his upload.

By chance it was a Eritrean guy who took the pictures and I was really really happy when I notised that.

Because, one year before it happend, I worked for three months in Tel Aviv and made some documentrys about Eritrean Weddings there.

The perspective to his privat life was more than a present for me. I discovered before how difficult it is to get such a intensive inside in there private lifes in Tel Aviv.

It was a very intensice and strange feeling  when I recognised some people one his pictures from my last stay in Tel Aviv.

Later on, when I was familar with his pictures and his circle of friends, I discovered friends of him on my old photos from 2012 .

Between August 2012 and November 2012 I got 255 photos and 36 video files from Mr. X. After my search for him around Tel Aviv to Eilat, basicly in Shapira / Tel Aviv I call him Mr. X.

One thing I want to forestall – I don´t assume that Mr. X is the thief of the phone.

Then I decided to search for him, the creator of some really interessting photos, to give him the book dummy I made with his pictures.

I got a scholarship from the VG Bildkunst and the LKA Westphalia to realise that work last spring. In August I made a one day exhibition with with works / as a test for the installation. There is a ultra refecting manequin hanging in white cube reflecting / or bouncing the images he made”.