Karolina Jonderko, “Lost”

„They left clothes strewn around, unmade beds, open books, the TV turned on, as if they were about to come back soon. They left their rooms unprepared for emptiness.”
Magdalena Gorlas

Every year, the Polish police file 15,000 missing person reports. Every day, the faces of missing people gaze out from posters designed to attract our attention; yet, every passing day, they are noticed less.

Those who have lost a loved one can imagine the pain these families experience. Their feelings teeter between loss and hope. Often, the rooms of the missing are left unaltered for a few months, years or even decades.

The individual stories differ amongst each other, but each raises questions: What happened? Where is he or she? When will he or she be back? Is there anything else we can do to find him or her? Is she or he suffering? Is he or she alive?