Natasza Kozłowska, “Gleam and Gloom – daily impressions”

I am both photographer and painter of the same themes: the timidity of an instant, the humility and majesty of everyday detail, inconspicuous things; the sound of shade, the colour of silence.

Details fascinate me. I have a passion to penetrate deeply into impressions that seduce all my senses, tempt and permeate me.

I look for the mystery, magic and myth.

At the beginning of 2013 I started creating a series of works called ‘The Nenuphars” which blossomed into other series: “Lanterns”, “Portraits”, “Prehistory”, “Winter dreams” etc…

The Nenuphar series began around a basin of sacred lotus in Parisian Jardin des Plantes in Paris:  broken limbs of stalks and ragged calyxes jutting out of frozen marsh.
I wanted to capture their indescribable dignity and wounded pride in my photos. They were wearing the stigma of death but also the promise of the rebirth. Every day I returned to study and capture the struggle of their ripening beauty – the mystery of their unmitigated grace.