ZPAF, “Presence”

The aim of the project is not to limit the artists; we do not impose any photographic technique nor the theme for the pictures. The common title “OBECNOŚĆ” (PRESENCE) is only to show the diverse approaches to the motto which unites all together.

This is the premiere installation consisting of the newest not seen before photos.

Many of them were taken during their authors’ artistic travels.

There are some pictures concerning the past memories bothering the authors.

In the photos we can also see the immediate actions in the form of well-chosen record of the important for a photographer moment when its emotional dimension was the most crucial for the picture.

Time becomes a building factor for a photo here. Witold Krymarys’ works which are the record of the passing time make a good example of that.

The exhibition will include some classic black-and-white photos as well as all types of authors’ individual experiments using both modern techniques of photography and some computer programs, provided that the meaning (sometimes unclear), the content of the work, imagery and all kinds of possible associations make the most important aspects of the viewer’s individual discovery.