1 . Adrian Jaszczak
2. Agata  Mendziuk
3. Alejandra Carles-Tolra
4. Aleksandra Kolanowska
5. Aleksey Naumchik
6. Alexandra Soldatova
7. Alice Myers
8. Andreas Olesen
9. Andrejs Strokins
10. Anna Hornik
11. Anna Grzelewska
12. Arkadiusz Kubisiak
13. Artur Urbański
14. Barbara Barańska-Morzy
15. Benjamin Rowe
16. Borut Petelin
17. Christine Mathieu
18. Cyril Costilhes
19. Daniel Gnap
20. Daria Prokofyeva
21. Delphine Schacher
22. Dominika Gęsicka
23. Elena Plugina
24. Ewelina Majkutewicz
25. Gregory Michenaud
26. Jacek Fota
27. Jakub Dziewit
28. Jakub Stawicki
29. Joanna Kischka
30. Julia Maiquez Esterlich
31. Karl Henrik Edlund
32. Karolina Gembara
33. Karsten Kronas
34. Kasia Jędrych-Waniek
35. Katarzyna Zolich
36. Krystian Madejski
37. Krzysztof Racoń
38. Krzysztof Światły
39. Ksenia Yurkova
40. Léonard Pongo
41. Maga Sokalska
42. Magda Kuca
43. Marcel Zytnicki
44. Markus Henttonen
45. Marta Berens
46. Marta Zgierska
47. Marta Wapiennik
48. Mateusz Grybczyński
49. Mateusz Zakłada
50. Mateusz Sarełło
51. Michael Danner
52. Michał Siarek
53. Michał Pabich
54. Mike Crawford
55. Monika Jelinska
56. Naomi Harris
57. Natalia Mikołajczuk
58. Natalia Szemis
59. Natalia Wiernik
60. Patrick Willocq
61. Patrizia Fagiani
62. Patryk Karbowski
63. Paweł Bogumił
64. Paweł Żak
65. Piotr Trojanowski
66. Piotr Rymer
67. Robert Lewandowski
68. Sarah Mei Herman
69. Sarker Protick
70. Shahid Shadman
71. Stéphanie  Roland
72. Susan Barnett
73. Tito Mouraz
74. Urszula Tarasiewicz
75. Wiktoria Wojciechowska
76. Wim Wauman
77. Wojtek Moskwa


Participants qualified for Portfolio Review are obliged to pay the participation fee of 180 PLN and to send an electronic confirmation of the payment until 04/May/2015 to

Details needed to make the payment will be sent via e-mail.

Note that delay in the payment for participation in the Portfolio Review leads to deletion from the list of participants.

– Once the timely payment of a fee is registered, all participants will receive, at the same moment (to give equal chances to all), on 12/May/2015, a login and a password to the system that will enable registration for meetings with reviewers.

– Participants select reviewers and meeting times by themselves – on a first come, first served basis. Please choose and mark carefully your options as there will be no possibility of their change.

– Participants will have the opportunity to meet with 6 selected experts. Each meeting of the reviewer will last 20 minutes. The session begins at 2.00 PM and ends at 6:30 PM and will include one half-hour break. Reviewers will be available on both days of the review.

There will be an opportunity to buy individual meetings in-situ on the day of portfolio reviews, if any reviewer is available. The fee is 40 PLN per one meeting, paied in cash in-situ only.

– To take part in the Portfolio Review, you shall buy a ticket for Fotofestiwal. The purchase will be available during Fotofestiwal, from 28/May/2015, in both festival centre’s during the opening hours (details on

Festival Centre I: Art_Inkubator, 3 Tymienieckiego street (from 28th of May)

Festival Centre II: OFF Piotrkowska complex, 138/140 Piotrkowska street (from 29th of May)

– Meetings with international reviewers are held in English or in their mother tongue.

– Organizers do not bear responsibility for reviewers’ absence. The organizer, however, will try to find areplacement in the event of such situation. Any changes in the list of reviewers will be announced on the website

– A participant qualified for the review, but wishing to resign, is asked to contact us immediately at: or by phone : +48 42 684 20 95 / +48 889 963 354

- A person applying for the Portfolio Review accepts all conditions of participation in the event listed above.