Aleksandra Chciuk

Finish with the mud

Exit. The search for new surroundings. Entry. The search for oneself in those surroundings. An attempt to locate individual values in a systemized world. What is it like? What are we looking for and how do we find it in today’s reality?There are places we could escape to all around us but civilization imposes certain rules on us. The shell does not break, despite the desperate desire for liberation. It’s not only our environment that restricts us, we are also constrained by ourselves. Is it possible that man is free? In relation to the environment, there is always a measure of alienation – whether in nature or in the city. So we are culturally programmed. Paradoxically, this brings us closer to instinctual behaviour. I’m looking for places where this manifests.

Aleksandra Chciuk – audiovisual artist. Currently she studies photography at the National Film School in Lodz, as well as working on video, painting, sounds and installations. She has presented her works in in the Museum of Art in Lodz, Atlas Sztuki in Lodz, in Siddhartha Art Gallery on International Festival of Contemporary Art in Nepal, etc. Through photography, she is searching to understand the mutual influence between man and the environment. She works on spatial-sound projects and performances in which improvisation and intuition play a crucial part.

Piotrkowska 118

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Mon-Fri: 1 pm. – 6 pm.

opening: 15.06, 7 pm.
exhibition is held: 15-27.06