Patryk Karbowski

The New Poles

Poland after overthrowing the communist regime went into the complex process of economical, social and cultural changes which is still taking place. This project is about the new Poles or maybe post-Poles that represent those changes as well as the distance between photographer and photographed and special feeling of uncertainty linked with the time of maturation. They are between 14 and 15, come from middle-class Polish families. They were born after overthrowing communism andraised in the age of the Internet and consumption. By observing New Poles one can see what changes in Polish reality, and what remains constant.

Patryk Karbowski (b. 1989, Warsaw) graduated from National Filmschool in Lodz. He is a teacher at Academy of Photography in Warsaw. His work focuses on long-term documentary projects about various aspects of changes in his surrounding.

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