Przemek Dzienis

I can’t speak, I’m sorry

Objects and the relationships people enter into with those objects attract the attention of Przemek Dzienis, who subjects them to reflection in his works, wandering freely between the domains delimited by various media and artistic genres. And although such creative concept is ultimately captured in photography, a careful perusal of these works reveals their “sculpturesque” potential, which goes far beyond merely pictorial merits. Its source lies in the game the artist plays between the properties of pure photographic image devoid of special visual effects and the singular features of the objects the images show.  though not always directly, as they frequently contradict the fundamental qualities which are traditionally associated with this domain of art.

Pomorska 39

opening hours
Mon-Sun: 12 pm. – 6 pm.

opening: 7.06, 9 pm.
exhibition is held: 7-16.06