Silence is not so strange as you think

Deaf Artist Group

The only one thing that is more beautiful than music is silence. – Paul Claudel

In the project „Silence is not so strange as you think” participated deaf artists-photographers, who normally are staying in the World of Silence. The main objective of this topic is to show their reality by the deaf and hard-hearing photographers. Each of these series of pictures is interesting and shows the individual point of view of artists. For them, to be in the World of Silence is a unique experience and is also a powerful inspiration to create art. The project is also intended to draw attention to World of Silence where they live everyday and to show the World Deaf previously discriminated in public perception and in the society. Series of photos show that silence can be an exciting part of our daily life.

Deaf Artist Group, Poland
The origins of Deaf Artist Group should be searched in long-term open air art workshops for deaf artists organized from 1996 year in Poland. On the base of friendships and strong integration, in year 2012 was created Deaf Artists’ Group (GAG). GAG unites around 45 members from all sides of Poland – amateurs, students and graduated from high academies of beauty arts for whom art is very important element of their daily life. DAG’s artists occupies with painting, art photography, art and creative graphics, artistic design, visual art.

Roosevelta 17

opening hours
Mon-Fri: 10 am. – 6 pm.
additionally: 15-16.06 (Sat-Sun): 10 am. – 6 pm.

opening: 10.06, 6 p.m.
exhibition is held: 10-21.06