Collective exhibition

Solidarité is the theme chosen by a Belgian photographer, Vincent Verhaeren, for this year’s exhibition of the “Croiseregard” Association at the ŁTF Gallery in Łódź. Faithful to the spirit of “Solidarity”, instead of displaying their own works, he and his colleagues from the Brussels Gallery decided to invite their fellow photographers to participate in the exhibition. “Solidarity” is a word well-known in the history of Poland. Western Europeans involved in the fast and powerful process of enlargement may understand it on two levels: solidarity of people across the world and solidarity on the local level, between neighbours.

Our society lives in a dualistic environment of benefits and fears of globalisation and may perceive it as many thriving pro-active initiatives focused on support and solidarity among people.

Piotrkowska 102

opening hours
Mon-Fri: 10 am. – 6 pm
Sat: 10 am. – 2 pm.
additionally: 09.06 (Sun): 10 am. – 2 pm.

opening: 7.06, 5 pm.
exhibition is held: 7-24.06