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University of the Arts in Poznań

The Photography Studio III of the University of Fine Arts in Poznań focuses its activities on issues related to the art of image recording in its broad sense. The extended reality, which is built today on the basis of the experience of universal new media, on unprecedented sources of information, and on the basis of photographic means of expression re-defined again and again, enters the area forming the current territory of art. Photography, as one of many tools of the media culture, finds its place in combination with text, drawing, sculpture, painting, sound and, first of all, moving picture. Searching new regions of sensibility, working on the form as part of independent expression, adaptive and creative approach to the past – are the key components of developing the artistic personality at the Photography Studio III. These components are foundations of the dialogue between a student and a teacher; a platform of exchange of different experiences that serve art.

Traugutta 18

opening hours
Tue-Sat: 2 am. – 6 pm.
additionally: 08-09.06 (Sat-Sun): 12 pm. -6 pm.

opening: 7.06, 5 p.m.
exhibition is held: 7-29.06