Bringing Up

The idea of Bringing Up wouldn not come into existance, would not make any sense if not tomasz Komorowski’s artistic events. It is also important that they took place in the same space of Wschodnia Gallery. One year back Komorowski made a creative gesture on a great scale, as a part of Lodz Photography Festival. It was multisignificant of value and sense. Unnecessary event was based on gathering photos from various sources, mainly from Allegro internet auctions where people were getting rid of incredible numbers of them. Tomasz spread hundreds, thousands of photos in one of the gallery rooms. This way he made some kind of a thick layer of photo “dumping ground” which in my opinion was a perfect and symbolic form of the end of traditional analog photography. Calling this creative act as a uselessness of classic photography in public and social life is by all means justified and proved. The evidence was lying right at visitors’ feet, and not under their feet since nobody felt like stepping on someone else’s pictures, faces, memoires. On the contrary, they started bringing them up, looking at them carefully, collecting and taking home. Thus the whole idea of Bringing Up.

The new need was born of an ennoblement of photos that had been said to be forgotten and erased. They eventually are to be brought up and saved. I thought the best opportunity for this was an annual remind of those dumped and “brought up” photos but this time they would be presented on the walls of Wschodnia Gallery.

Bringing Up is nothing but the next step of bow, this time meaning as a homage to Tomasz Komorowski’s event. My exhibition will hopefully gather people of art and culture on one gallery wall in the context of one idea. It would not happen in any other circumstances since they have been already tightened by an act of bringing up the “Unnecessary” photos.

Year ago they brought up with no interest, now they feel a need to participate in today’s Bringing Up.

Andrzej Różycki

Mariusz Sołtysik, Anka Leśniak, Adam Klimczak, Maciej Cholewiński, Violetta KINGA Jędrzejczyk, Marek Domański, Edi Jako, Jerzy Grzegorski, Małgorzata Borek, Tomasz Ferenc, Robert Malinka, Alicja Cichowicz, Zbigniew Wichłacz, Paweł Hartman, Maciej Świstek, Katarzyna Zuzanna Krakowiak, Aurelia Mandziuk, Marcin Polak, Andrzej Różycki.

Wschodnia 29 m 3

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opening: 01.06, 7 pm.
exhibition is held: 1-16.06