EXHIBITION OF THE ŁÓDŹ REGION Association of Polish Art Photographers at the UNIVERSITY OF HUMANITIES AND ECONOMICS (AHE) in Łódź together with the students’ presentations – an exhibition accompanying the international FOTOFESTIWAL 2016 in Łódź

The general title of the exhibition – “DISTANCE

The objective of the exhibition is to discover the regions and spaces of physical locations or of intellectual penetration, which are often very close, but forgotten or overlooked due to their “invisibility”. The exhibition is based on relationships between professionals and their potential successors – students of the Artistic Faculty of AHE.

DISTANCE may be very short, or just the opposite.
Our area of activity may lie close by and yet be overlooked and go unnoticed. It may also lie on the other side of… the city limits, a street, a façade, a park, a housing estate, a river or a problem we are completely familiar with. The idea allows for all kinds of photographic experiments and for discovering new areas of activity.  In order to fully take advantage of photographic skills in statements of a higher order and in artistic creation, it is worth returning to traditional darkroom work, or even to record things with a pin-hole camera, using the excellently equipped darkroom at the University of Humanities and Economics. It also gives an opportunity to create unique, one-off works.

Opening – 18 June 2016, 4:00 PM
Venue – AHE Gallery – PATIO 2 BAR, Sterlinga 26 (ground floor)