The biggest in the history of Fotofestiwal Portfolio Review!
One of the biggest Portfolio Reviews in Europe!

Portfolio Review accompanying the XV International Festival of Photography is the time and the place where you can meet those who are responsible for the shape and direction of development of contemporary photography.

This is one of the very few opportunities for direct talks with represented by numerous, international and significant assembly of curators, directors of photography festivals, critics, journalists, publishers of books and magazines, galleries owners and photographers with a rich artistic achievements.

The Fotofestiwal’s Portfolio Review is aimed at photography students and graduates, professional photographers and those who have at least one exhibition or publication in their CV. It is one of the most important forms of promotion which enable photographers to arrange individual and direct interviews with experts in the field of photography and in many cases results in establishing further cooperation.

This year Portfolio Review will be held in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki – the place that is important for Łódź both for historical reasons (those specific for Łódź post-industrial red brick buildings used to be, before the war, a factory and adjoining warehouse owned by Karol Scheibler and Ludwik Grohman) and function that buildings play now (centre of culture and entrepreneurship).


Where? Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki, Tymienieckiego 3 Street (building C, ground floor).
When? 10/June/2016 (Friday) and 11/June/2016 (Saturday).
What time? 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Participation fee: 180 PLN (= 45 Euro, = 45 USD; the currency is converted automatically). The fee allows to choose up to 6 reviewers.

The fee will help us to cover costs related to the organization of the event.

Thank you for your support!

There will be an opportunity to buy individual meetings in-situ as well on the day of portfolio review, if any reviewer is available. The fee is 40 PLN per one meeting, paid in cash in-situ only. Additionally, you will need to present Fotofestiwal’s multi-entrance ticket to participate in the review.


Peggy Sue Amison
Joao Barbado
Katarzyna Borucka
Xavier Canonne
Antonio Carloni
Carlos Carvalho
Beate Cegielska
Tim Clark
Francois Deschamps
Aga Dwernicka
Ângela Ferreira
Judit Gellér & Istvan Viragvolgyi
Brian Griffin
Nina Kassianou
Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
Joanna Kinowska
Dušan Kochol
Emilia van Lynden
Katharina Mouratidi
Margit Neuhold
Laura Noble
Alison Nordström
Jenny Nordquist
Lorie Novak
Christoper Rauschenberg
Heidi Romano
Matthew Shaul
Enrico Stefanelli
Agata Stoińska
Štěpánka Šimlová
Marta Szymańska
Sarah Tanguy
Joseph Tamargo
Roxana Trestioreanu
Iveta Vaivode
Elisabeth Woerndl
Trisha Ziff

List of Portfolio Review 2017 participants:

Adel Koleszar
Agnieszka Talaśka
Aleksandra Iwańczak
Aleksandra Kuboś
Alexandra Polina
Alfonso Almendros Jaén
Amanda Harman
Aneta Nowicka
Anita Andrzejewska
Anna Zagrodzka
Artur Urbanski
Balder Olrik
Birte Kaufmann
Boris Eldagsen
Carlos Alba
Catrine Val
Clare Benson
Corrina Kern
David Fathi
Dominika Gęsicka
Dominika Korycka
Elliot Ross
Gonzalo Lopez
Iwona Knorr
Jacek Fota
Jagoda Lasota
Jan Cieslikiewicz
Jan Maschinski
Jānis Deinats
Jewgeni Roppel
Kaja Rata
Karoliina Paatos
Karolin Klüppel
Karolina Golis
Karolina Sobel
Karolina Wojtas
Katarzyna Bojko-Szymczewska
Katarzyna Los
Kinga Michalska
Krista Wortendyke
Krystina Stimakovits
Krzysztof Gierałtowski
Krzysztof Światły
Lena Dobrowolska
Lina Hashim
Lubo Stacho
Łukasz Filak
Maarten Tromp
Maciej Narożny
Magda Kuca
Magdalena Franczuk
Marcin Kaczor
Marcin Płonka
Marek Berezowski
Mark Yankus
Marlena Jabłońska
Marta Rybicka
Marta Wapiennik
Marta Zgierska
Mateusz Jaźwiecki
Megan E. Doherty
Michael Hunter
Michał Siarek
Michał Sierakowski
Miriam Stanke
Monika Zamięcka
Motonori Shimizu
Natalia Dołgowska
Nelli Serzhanova
Nick Hannes
Oliwia Rogalska
Pablo Moura Letts
Patryk Karbowski
Paulina Maciejewska
Paweł Malinowski
Paweł Starzec
Piotr Zbierski
Reiner Riedler
Robert Harding Pittman
Rubi Lebovich
Sanne De Wilde
Stanislav Briza
Tadeusz Chudy
Tomasz Wysocki
Tymon Markowski
Tytus Szabelski
Ulla Deventer
Victoria Sorochinski
Vivian Keulards
Wawrzyniec Kolbusz
Wiktor Dabkowski
Yulia Krivich
Yurian Quintanas
Zuzanna Krajewska


Till 10/May/2016 photographers willing to participate in the Portfolio Review can send their applications.

  1. They are asked to send the application form filled-in with necessary data and 15 photographs (in JPG format) packed into a single file up to 7 MB.

– A file should be named: First Name, Last Name, Title of the Project and the photographs in the file should be named: First Name, Last Name, Title of the Project, number of the photograph (sequence 01, 02, etc.).

– The application form should be named: First Name, Last Name, Title of the Project.

– The application form filled-in and the file with the photographs shall be send via email to until 10 May 2016. In the title of the message please write: Application for Portfolio Review 2016, First Name Last Name.

  1. The selected photographers will be contacted individually via e-mail (11/May/2016) and will receive details needed to make the payment for participation (the fee is 180 PLN) that has to be done till 13/May/2016 (please send us a pdf file with payment confirmation via email). Note that delay in the payment for participation in the Portfolio Review leads to deletion from the list of participants.

The payment obligation does not apply to participants selected from Fotofestiwal’s Grand Prix competition 2016 who have been offered a free Portfolio Review (in the limit of 6 meetings). They do not need to present Fotofestiwal’s multi-entrance ticket neither to take part in the review.

  1. Once the timely payment of a fee is registered, all participants will receive, at the same moment (to give equal chances to all), a login and a password to the system that will enable registration for meetings with reviewers (date and hour of sending login and password will be sent via email earlier).
  1. Participants select reviewers and meeting times by themselves – on a first come, first served basis. Please choose and mark carefully your options as there will be no possibility of their change.
  1. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with 6 selected experts. Each meeting of the reviewer will last 20 minutes. The session begins at 10.00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM and will include one 40 minutes break. Reviewers will be available on both days of the Review.

There will be as well an opportunity to buy individual meetings in-situ on the days of Portfolio Review, if any reviewer is available. The fee is 40 PLN per one meeting, paied in cash in-situ only. Additionally, you will need to present Fotofestiwal’s multi-entrance ticket to participate in the Review.

  1. To take part in the Portfolio Review, you shall buy a multi-entrance ticket for Fotofestiwal. The purchase will be available during Fotofestiwal, from 09/June/2016, in festival centres during the opening hours (details on
  1. Meetings with international reviewers are held in English or in their mother language.
  1. Organizers do not bear responsibility for reviewers’ absence. The organizer, however, will try to find a replacement in the event of such situation. Any changes in the list of reviewers will be announced on the website
  1. A participant qualified for the review, but wishing to resign, is asked to contact us immediately at: or by phone : +48 42 684 20 95.
  1. A person applying for the Portfolio Review accepts all conditions of participation in the event listed above.