Katarzyna Borucka

Katarzyna Borucka has been actively dealing with photography for over 15 years, since she started studying Fine Art Photography at the Association of Polish Art Photographers. From 2012 to 2016 she was running one of few private photo galleries in Warsaw and Poland, Lookout Galley, which has played an active role in Warsaw art life. The Gallery focused on cooperation with young, emerging photographers from Poland and abroad, such as Alexander Binder from Germany, Przemek Dzienis, Karol Komorowski, Diana Lelonek, Jana Romanova, Grzegorz Stefański, Andrzej Świetlik and Sarah Wilmer. In 2016 she turned her gallery activity into a Lookout Collection, based on the works of Polish photographers. Apart from that, she is high-profile expert in public relations, having worked for big international companies.