Joanna Kinowska

Art historian specializing in photography. Independent curator of photographic exhibitions, editor of photo books. She works in culture institutions taking care of the educational programs, in particular those concerning photography. In the years 2005-2014 she worked in Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, in the field of education, dealing with, among others, programs related to photography. Author of many articles dedicated to photography, cooperates with ‘Digital Photographer Poland’. Founder of the blog ‘Place of Photography’.

She teaches at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw. She conducts workshops ‘Thinking by Photography’ in which participants learn how to choose the right form for the presentation of their own work.

She is mainly interested in documentary photography and projects that are located somewhere in between the boundaries of defined areas. Interesting would be meeting with those who are planning exhibitions or publications, planning their first contact with the viewer. You present differently your pictures in grant application, in a book, on the website or in the gallery, therefore Kinowska is also willing to talk about the adequacy of the form to the presentation of the photo project.