Agata Stoińska

Agata Stoińskafounder & executive editor of BLOW Photo Magazine, a fashion photographer and owner of D-light studios, co-founder of Maven46 magazine.

BLOW Photo is Ireland’s only large format, image-based publication dedicated to photography. It features both emerging and established photographers from around the world. Each issue follows a different theme and acts as a hand held exhibition for some of the best photographers around the world.

BLOW was awarded the Overall Print of the Year Award 2010 at the Irish Print Awards. It was also nominated for a LUCIE Award, honouring the greatest achievements in photography, in 2013 and 2014.

D-Light Studios (Dublin, Ireland) is a large, multimedia space dedicated to photography development, fashion and film industry.

As a BLOW executive editor I am looking for photographers that are surprising and believing in the power of change. I am particulary interested in technicques that change the perception of photography as a medium and forcing reflection, carefully edited, visually consistent and endearing projects engaged in contemporary issues – both abstract and universal.