Carlos Alba

The Observation of Trifles

“The Observation of Trifles” is a documentary photography project about how a foreigner finds his way in a new country and a new neighbourhood. I am the immigrant. Taking objects that I found on the streets and using them as a kind of visual archaeology, I discovered East London and its denizens. I focus on the neighbourhoods of Tower Hamlets and Hackney. I live on the border in between both of them.

The combination of objects with photographs helps me to introduce to the audience my work through a more physically way and with a mystery feeling. Thanks to these elements

I am making an analytic and expressive world: urban furniture reproductions; landscapes of council houses created between the 50’s and 70’s for Londoners and immigrants with low rents; details of letters with notes, drawings… But the most important aspect of this work is the people who I met thanks to the signals and ways that I followed guided by the objects that I found on the street. They are the key to open an unexplored world and new life stories. “The observation of Trifles” is a work that is at the crossroads of the collection, history and architectural document, visual and social analysis. I have attempted to do not forget the photographic aesthetic and the photographic poetic value.

I was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1984. I am an independent photographer based in London, United Kingdom. My work is focused on human relations in the modern world. I am recording the lifestyle in Western society. My photographs have a conceptual approach and they reflect contemporary social issues from a positive point of view. My tools are objects and archives that help me to find the photographs that I want to take. I am a regular contributor of weekly and monthly magazines. Actually I am working on my first photobook “The Observation of Trifles” It will be published this year.