Shadman Shahid


„Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”

The word Ajna is Sanskrit meaning the eye that one uses to see the immaterial. To observe that which is formless. My story is about exploring one’s existence. An attempt to find the answers to the questions of why and who. It’s my personal journey towards fulfillment.

What hinders me from fulfillment? Desire, fear, ignorance, sacrifice, providence or death? The path to enlightenment is murky, hard to comprehend where I am and which way to go. I meet entities, some friendly, some scary, all perplexing. They whisper, howl, shriek and scream each determined to let me know of their existence. They are all me, they are all a part of me. And you. And everyone else.

Shadman Shahid is a freelance documentary photographer born and raised in Dhaka Bangladesh. He is currently teaching at Pathshala South Asian Media Academy. After enlisting for a basic photography class in 2011, in order to improve his film making skills, he got enchanted by the medium’s allure and has been practicing photography passionately since then. He graduated from Pathshala South Asian Media Academy in photography in 2015. His work has been exhibited in Germany, Norway, China, France, India and Bangladesh. He was nominated for the Joop swart masterclass in 2014 and 2015 and was awarded the third prize in the emerging Asian photographer category in the Dali photo festival in China in 2015.