Hubert Humka

Hubert Humka, born in Poland and a graduate of Lodz Film School. He lives and works in Warsaw. He is interested in the subject of mockumentary, quasi -documentaries and  in exploration in a variety of contexts an authenticity in photography. He has exhibited his work in Poland and abroad among others in France – during the international photography festival “Les Rencontres d’Arles” in 2012 and 2013, in Gallery Tri Postal, Lille during Transphotographiques Festival 2014, in the Polnisches Institut in Duesseldorf, Germany and also in ChinaHouse Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. In Poland his work has been displayed in the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Gallery ZPAF in Warsaw, Municipal Art Gallery in Lodz, Gallery Słodownia+1 Old Brewery in Poznan, Szyb Wilson, Katowice. His images have been published in photobooks and magazines: „An Eye for an Ear”, UK; „Some visible and invisible things”;  „#20latfotografiipwsftvit”; „Fotografia”. He  is a laureat of the international contests: Prix Voies Off: Selections 2013 The Rencontres d’Arles Off Festival, France;  Photo Diploma Award 2013 in Poznan, Poland. His project Evil Man was published in a photobook in 2015 by the Polish Film School publishing house.

Ladies of Love is a story of intertwining motifs of love, work, passion and loneliness…  whose protagonists are nameless strippers, prostitutes, porn stars, day and night, inhabiting the architecture of love. The background to their stories are the bright neon lights piercing the darkness – meretricious interiors and trashy costumes. It is not a new world, it is old and familiar, always somewhere round the corner, in the neighbouring district, close to the railway station. It allures, hypnotizes, tantalizes with colourful packaging, promising everything. The photos in this story have a strictly voyeuristic character but they are also portraits of people as they appeared to be. The whole is completed by fragments of texts – stories heard or sentences remembered, loosely minglinge with the photos. The project is not a documentation of certain people, places and time. It is a general ”story” which, nevertheless, with pictures and words enables each viewer to have his own interpretations and make his own stories accompanied by his personal emotions. Let this story fulfill your fantasies of being a spy in the house of love.